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Resume Details: Cole Greene

Address :

239 Kelton Street #22 Allston MA USA

Email :


Web :


Phone :
410 507 2633
Fax :

Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
Boston, MA
Date Available :
Desire job Title::
GIS Analyst
Year of Experience:
Entry Level

Education :
BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Boston, MA (2008-present)
Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography (economics track)
Minor: Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS
Study Abroad: University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
GIS Skills :
Geography, GIS, Environmental Economics
• Experience collecting GIS data for atmospheric methane levels, converting results into ArcGIS friendly format.
• Adept at spatial statistics/analysis (ArcGIS, GeoDa).
• Experience with Public Participant GIS (PPGIS) and Citizen Science (Using web 2.0 techniques).
• Computer skills: ArcGIS, Python, SQL, Matlab, ENVI
Work Experience :
Undergraduate Research:
Boston natural gas, Explored the geographic distribution and patterns of natural gas (methane) leaks in Boston and surrounding towns. Developed a citizen science protocol to involve local residents in detecting and reporting leaks. (September 2011- present)


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