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Resume Details: Evelyn Drysdale

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Willng to Relocation :
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Desire job Title::
GIS Technician/ GIS Analyst
Year of Experience:
Entry Level

Education :
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Geoscience
Geospatial Information Analysis Certificate
Focus in Physical Geography, Geology, Soil and Water science
GIS Skills :
Software- ArcGIS, ENVI, Google Earth Engine, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Scripting- Basic Skills in R and Python

Other- Geocoding, Georeferencing, Digitizing, Change detection analysis, Unsupervised and Supervised Training, Multispectral Images, Geoprocessing Tools, Map production, Public Speaking, Customer Service
Work Experience :
La Chua Trail- Payne’s Prairie, FL
Created a trail map by obtaining GPS points in the field via mobile app. Projected those points into ArcMap and created lines for the trail and boardwalk. Points of interest were created with symbology.

Change Detection Analysis of Lee County, FL
Created a land change detection map of Landsat 5 images by using supervised training samples with minimum distance classification in ENVI. Reclassified raster image and used raster calculator in ArcMap to produce a difference image.

Nature Parks with Bike Paths and Campus Bus Route in Gainesville, FL
Created a map by downloading shapefiles. Obtained GPS points and projected them onto ArcMap. Used multiple geoprocessing tools and search queries to find parks within a certain distance that met the criteria.

Off-Campus Crime Near University of Florida
Created a map of the location of crime using data from the police department. Used different types of geoprocessing tools to determine where crime occurs most in certain locations for the safety of off-campus students.


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