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Resume Details: Nicoletta Galbani

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Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
United States or European Union
Date Available :
Desire job Title::
GIS Analyst
Year of Experience:

Education :
May 2007: Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Planning, Towson University (GPA 3.917); Towson, Maryland.

January 2001: International School in Archaeology: Archaeology and Urban planning, University of Siena; Siena, Italy.

March-July 1997: Proficiency course “Analysis and management policies of archaeological and architectural remains”, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”; Rome, Italy.

July 1995: Bachelor Degree at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, thesis: “The thin walled pottery from the dig of the roman bath Terme del Nuotatore in Ostia (Rome); Rome, Italy.

GIS Skills :
A dynamic and extremely organized GIS professional with more than 13 years’ experience in the field using GIS software such as:
• ArcView GIS 3.1 and ArcGIS 10.2
• ArcGIS Software: Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 3D Analyst and PLTS GIS Data Reviewer extensions, Model Builder, ArcSDE, and ArGIS server
• ERoad Info
• IDRISI Andes

Knowleadgeable of the Microsoft Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office suite.
Work Experience :
January 2016 – present. GIS Specialist: collaboration with POLEIS soc. Coop. a.r.l. (Rome). Main responsibilities map editing, data updates and Geodatabase topology spatial relationship analysis for the realization of Colosseum relief in a GIS framework.

March 2014 – November 2015. GIS Analyst III at KCI Technologies Inc. Main responsibilities: Geospatial editing/update, map preparation and printing, drawings geo-referencing; Geodatabase data check, update, database versioning and synchronization; Data QAQC using PLTS GIS Data Reviewer; OnBase data entry; assist with oversight and training of sub-consultants.

April 2008 – February 2014. GIS technician at Enterprise Information Solutions. Main responsibilities: Geodatabase development, data check, update and migration; change detection; centerlines updates; ArcSDE geodatabase versioning, synchronization and replica creation; Data QAQC using PLTS GIS Data Reviewer and Geodatabase topology spatial relationship analysis; MrSID conversion; pavement rating using ERoad Info software.

May – August 2007. GIS specialist at the Center for GIS – Towson University. Main responsibilities: database development, spatial data processing, geo-coding and database attribution.

June 2006 – May 2007. GIS technician at the Center for GIS – Towson University. Main responsibilities: database development, spatial data processing and database attribution.

Fall 2006 – May 2007. Teaching Assistant at the Geography and Environmental Planning Department, Towson University. Main responsibilities were to assist students, grade map quizzes and exams, proctor in the computer laboratory.

July 2003. Archaeological assistant for the finds of the preventive dig for the new Tor Vergata University theater area, Rome.

January 2003 – May 2005. Archaeologist: collaboration in the inventory and the catalogue of archaeological finds of the Town Museum Umberto Mastroianni of Marino (Rome).

June 2002 – July 2004. Archaeological surveyor for Culture Provincial Administration of Viterbo (Latium).

December 2001. Archaeologist: authorial material for the Town Museum Umberto Mastroianni of Marino (Rome) for the exhibition La villa romana: ozio e produttività agricola nell’antichità. I Castelli Romani (Roman villa, the leisure and agricultural productivity in ancient times. The area of Castelli Romani).

June 1997 - December 2002. Collaboration with Interdepartmental Center for the territorial transformations’ study (CeSTer):
◦ June - July 2001. Sector primary leader of the instructive archaeological dig of the roman villa of Passolombardo.
◦ January 1999 – December 2002. GIS Technician for the new town plan of Rome. The CeSTer collaborated with the S.T.A. (Ufficio Piani per Roma) and the Office for the new town plan of Roma, the objective was to realize a map of all visible archaeological roman sites in a GIS framework.
◦ Archaeological surveyor, coordinator of the pottery studies, responsible for bibliographic and the historic cartography research in some archaeological impact projects.
◦ June – December 1997. Archaeologist in the roman villa of Passolombardo.

October 1995 - July 1997. Archaeologist: collaboration with Professor Clementina Panella in different projects as study of the finds for the archaeological dig of Meta Sudans, the development of a database for the archaeological department library, ceramic studies of thin walled pottery and editing of the book: Ceramica in Italia: VI-VII secolo Atti del Convegno in onore di John W. Hayes Roma, 11-13 Maggio 1995, Firenze 1998.

September – November 1988. Archaeologist: responsible of the finds for the archaeological dig of Quintili roman villa (Via Appia, Roma) with Professor Andreina Ricci.


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