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Resume Details: Philip Shutler

Address :

Arlington VA USA

Email :


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Phone :
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Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
Washington D.C.
Date Available :
Desire job Title::
GIS Technician
Year of Experience:
Entry Level

Education :
George Washington University (2015-2017):
Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems

- Graduate level certification courses to use GIS systems and understanding of Geospatial Analysis.
- Advanced knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
- Experienced in ESRI ArcGIS Catalog
- Experienced with open source software: OpenStreetMap, Carto DB, Q-GIS
- Experience in Python coding.
- Complete understanding of analyzing geospatial data and cartography
- Performed georeferencing and geocoding with vector data and raster data
- Experienced in analyzing Ortho imagery
- Experienced in Geospatial Statistics.
- Point analysis conducted a final project on point data from DC government.
- Performed joins of several different data sets together and appropriately assigning geographical locations
- Understanding SQL and Querying Data by attributes and locations.
- Experienced in GIS for Emergency Management
- Analyzed flood data in a disaster situation and created a final project based on that situation.
- Experienced in creating graphs and charts in combinations with map projects

The University of Kentucky (2011-2015):
Bachelors in Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science

-Graduated with a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science with an emphasis in Geospatial Analysis and Human Dimensions and Natural Resource Planning.
- The curriculum consisted of several urban planning, geography, and GIS classes that emphasized and incorporated environmental studies.
-Participating in a capstone group project assessing the Ecosystem Services provide by McConnell Springs Park in Lexington, Kentucky
-Create a small use area plan for Southland Drive, a district within Lexington Kentucky. This plan included sustainable planning techniques and future urban design.
-I am a co-author of research conducted in Lexington Kentucky measuring the effect an urban service area has on the surrounding housing markets, by applying geospatial analysis and preparing the data in ArcGIS.
- Experience in using ArcGIS Desktop for mapping projects in classes
- Use of Microsoft Excel and Access to conduct analysis on data used in projects
GIS Skills :
- ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
- ESRI ArcGIS Catalog
- ESRI ArcGIS Viewer
- Open Street Map
- ERDAS image
- Python
- Geocoding and Georeferencing
- Advanced Queries
- Raster and image analysis
- Geostatistics
- GIS for emergency management
- Remote data collection with GPS
- Mobile GIS
- Cartography
- Survey
Work Experience :
Utility Forester
Davey Resource Group, A Division of The Davey Tree Expert Company
Oct 2015 – May 2017
Location: Washington D.C.
- Survey Distribution Line Planner
- Consult with the general public, government organizations, and local housing communities.
- Use Trimble GPS
-Create maps to be used by work crews. Included Satellite Imagery.
- Edit and create Geospatial Features
- Remote Data Collection with Mobile Device
- Use company GIS program to create maps and orient plans.
- Planned and mapped residential preventative vegetation management for utility lines in the District of Columbia.
- Field based position requiring travel
- Fill out permits to proceed with tree removals.

Fairfax County Park Authority
Sep 2015 – Oct 2015
Location: Springfield, Virginia
- Lead Natural Resource Specialist
- Created a Trail Management Plan for the Northern Part of the park.
- Mobile Geospatial Data collection using Garmin GPS
- Used ESRI ArcGIS Desktop to analyze and create maps
- Used ESRI ArcGIS Catalog to manage data
-Created data from georeferencing
- Outdoor Surveying
- In charge of answering patrons questions about wildlife and natural resources.
- Supervise volunteers that work in the nature center.
- Help with environmental education programs.

Natural Resources Intern
Fairfax County Park Authority
Jun 2015 – Aug 2015
Location: Fairfax County
- Identified Native and Non-Native plant species in parks found across Fairfax County.
- Surveyed parks for Biodiversity, Invasive Plant Infestation Levels, and Cultural Values.
- Used Collector for ArcGIS to collect data in polygon format.
- Used ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
- Edited Geospatial Features, by georeferencing, using ArcGIS Editor
- Mobile data collection using iPad software
- Learned about multiple invasive species and forest management strategies.

GIS Intern
Lexington Property Valuation Administrator
Mar 2015 – May 2015 Employment
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
- Used ESRI ArcGIS desktop to assess properties and parcels in the greater Lexington area and Fayette County.
- Collected and used ortho imagery to determine parcel alignment
- Experienced in extensive attribute joins and queries created for vector data sets
- Calculated acreage error using Microsoft Excel and Access.

Research Assistant
University of Kentucky
Jan 2015 – May 2015
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
- Help in gathering and analyzing housing price data in the Lexington and surrounding metro area.
- Used ESRI ArcGIS Desktop analyzing US census data
- Used ESRI Bussiness Analyst to analyze driving commutes for residents
- Experience using US census data and applying to a GIS setting
- Experienced in statistical analysis on housing data
- Studied urban planning theories on urban service boundaries and their effect on urban planning and the real estate market.
- Assistant author and editor of the final research paper.

Hidden Pond Nature Center GIS Survey Intern
Fairfax County Park Authority
May 2014 – Aug 2014
Location: Fairfax Virginia
-Used ESRI ArcGIS desktop to analyze data gathered from surveys and create maps.
-Data Collection using Garmin GPS
- Compiled data to an excel format
- Experienced in raster calculator
-Conducted Fish, Macro Invertabes, and Water Quality Surveys in Pohick Creek.
-Conducted Independent Invasive Plant Species Survey.
-The author of Individualized Multiflora Rose management plan which was adopted by the Park Management.


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