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Resume Details: Magda Iacob

Address :

7010 Jordan Ave#2 Canoga Park CA USA

Email :


Web :


Phone :
Fax :

Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
los Angeles
Date Available :
Desire job Title::
stereorestitution operator
Year of Experience:

Education :
University of Bucharest (2004 - 2005)
Faculty of Geography - Master: Geomorphology

University of Bucharest (2000 - 2004)
Faculty of Geography
Human Geography, Tourism
GIS Skills :
- conversion of cartographic information in vectorial format;
- digitizing topographic details (hydrography, roads, properties boundaries, buildings, land use);
- establishing cadastral sectors boundaries, taking in account the topographic details and the administrative units boundaries;
- numbering cadastral sectors (inside administrative units) and parcels (inside cadastral sectors) and the buildings (inside the parcels);
- computing areas for cadastral sectors and parcels
- Aerotriangulation computations
- Scanning and geo-referencing cartographic information
Work Experience :
Stereo restitution operator


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