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Resume Details: Melanie Delion

Address :

San Antonio TX USA

Email :


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Phone :
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Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
San Antonio OR Virginia.
Date Available :
Desire job Title::
GIS Analyst
Year of Experience:

Education :
Masters in Applied Geography – Geographic Information Systems
from Texas State University at San Marcos, Spring 2014.
Masters in Applied Ecology from SUNY Stony Brook University, Fall 2006.
Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Maryland, Spring 2005.
GIS Skills :
GIS SKILLS – ArcGIS 9.x/10.3, Python, Google Earth, ERDAS Imagine.
- Data acquisition;
- Coordinate system & datum transformations;
- Attribute editing;
- Metadata creation & maintenance;
- Georeferencing imagery;
- Spatial analysis including raster calculation & analysis;
- Raster data processing;
- Data Driven Pages and Maplex
- Automation of tasks & tool creation using Model Builder & Python scripts;
- Database design, creation & maintenance from spatial & non-spatial data;
- Data conversion between CAD datasets and ArcMap;
- KML & KMZ creation for use with Google Earth;
- Cartographic design & map making reports, public meetings and web.
Work Experience :
Parsons Corporation, Washington, DC (Part-Time) - March 2010 to Present
GIS Specialist, Parsons Transportation Group: Roads and Highways Division
Obtaining, analyzing and quantifying impacts of project footprints using available geospatial datasets from local counties, states and national datasets. Data analyzed includes: Soils (SSURGO), Wetlands (NWI), Water Features (NHD), Land Use (NLCD), County Parcel datasets, Local and Statewide Parks and Open Spaces datasets, Hazardous Material databases (EPA and State Agencies), and the Virginia Department of Transportation’s CEDAR dataset.
Skillset (ArcGIS): Digitizing printed maps, Spatial Analyst Toolbox, Model Builder, Python.
Preparing and converting GIS dataset to and from CAD and Google Earth formats and ensuring data transfers between subcontractors.
Skillset (ArcGIS): Projections, Georeferencing Toolbar, Conversion Toolbox
Additional Programs used: Google Earth, Microstation v8 (minimal).
Creating high-quality maps for public meetings, reports, technical memos and internal communications.
Skillset (ArcGIS): Data Driven Pages, Maplex, Python.
Mapping statewide project lists, providing all cartographic materials, assisting in creating the final geospatial data packets and coordinating efforts among staff, consultant team members and local governments.
Maintaining all GIS datasets and project folders, including folder structures, metadata, georeferencing information, detailed notes on specific process and other information needed to replicated results.
Providing clear explanations of technical terms and answering other GIS related questions for memos and communications with consultants and local governments.
Sample Projects include:
Long Range Planning and State Improvement Programs:
DDOT State Transportation Improvement Program
Virginia Rural Regional Long Range Plan

Environmental Impacts Statements and Environmental Assessments:
Transform I-66, Outside the Beltway (completed), Inside the Beltway (Ongoing)
US 121 - Coalfield Expressway, Section II, Section IIIA, Section IIIB (Ongoing), Section IIIC
Broad Branch Environmental Assessment

Conservation Ecology Center, Smithsonian Institution, Front Royal, VA
GIS Laboratory Intern
January 2008 – July 2009
Assisted with all GIS needs for the Conservation GIS Lab, including conducting research for primary projects, and teaching the GIS Training Courses and Workshops.
Main Work included:
Giant Panda Research (Published): Evaluated Giant Panda habitat by interpreting current species requirements from literature, extracting environmental and climatic variables from existing geospatial datasets, and projecting the data into the future.
Skillset (ArcGIS): Model Builder, Raster Calculator, Spatial Analysis.
Additional Software used: R, Maxent.
Dry Forest Identification (Published): Compared and mapped the accuracy of multiple existing land cover sources in identifying dry forests in South East Asia.
Skillset (ArcGIS): Model Builder, Raster Calculator, Spatial Analysis.
GIS Training: Taught three GIS Training Courses and one International Workshop offered by the Smithsonian. Duties included preparing all learning material, as well as updating content, authoring new chapters, interacting with students and answering questions, explaining GIS concepts and technical terms.


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